Who We Are?

Our story

It all began in 2009 when a professional web marketing met a technical director who shared the same view about SEO techniques: only a sharp marketing approach, coupled with efficient technical tools can lay the foundation for a proper and successful SEO.

They decided to work together and founded YAKAFERCI.

What is Yakaferci?

  • A website made of :
    • An SEO analysis tool adapted to sites of all sizes. One part is available to all, the other parts are available only to our customers.
    • An SEO guide available for free. You can discover or improve your SEO expertize thanks to this pedagogic guide. Composed of a series of articles, it identifies all the best practices that allows you to optimize the SEO of a website.

    The Yakaferci website is updated regularly, based on the latest SEO techniques and user feedback.

  • A web agency : Yakaferci provides audit, consulting, SEO support and web marketing services.
  • We are based in Bois-Colombes in Ile-de-France and we deal with SEO projects in French (for customers from France and other French speaking countries) and and English.

    Our practices

    • We use proper, sustainable SEO techniques only
    • We share SEO best practices in an accessible way
    • We adapt to our clients’ technical and marketing challenges

    Our ethics

    • We never publish information on the websites analyzed by our tool
    • We never simultaneously deal with two clients working in the same industry

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