Optimizing the external links for the SEO

What is a link ?

The definition of a link is given in the article internal links.

The external links

The term "external links" defines all the links pointing from a website to the pages of any other website. There are two types of external links:

  • The outgoing external linkswhich we will detail in the present article
  • The incoming external links or backlinks are going to be described in a different article.

An external link is considered an outgoing link only if your website is the source of the outgoing link, in other words, your site A displays clickable external links to sites B and C.

Outgoing external links contribute in some way to the SEO of your site. The outgoing links are considered a « vote » from your site for the website it points to. This vote helps search engines to better understand the content of your website and especially the content of the site to which it links.

Outgoing linking strategy

If you want your outgoing links to bring benefits to your website, here are some rules to be respected:

  • Your website should contain only a few outgoing external links (about 5). If you have dozens of outgoing links then you will be considered a directory.
  • The outgoing external links displayed on your website should be related to your business, to the theme of your site or that of the page where the link is placed.

As the SEO work takes time, it is advisable to give priority to internal links and to incoming external links (backlinks).

The internal links

are described in the article on the internal links

External linking analyzer

Yakaferci provides a tool for validating the quality of your external links.

Analyze your external links with our free SEO Page Analyzer :

To start a Yakaferci analysis, simply enter the link to your page in the area above and click the Analyze button. You can then access the different pages of the report, particularly those on external links.

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