Frequently asked questions / FAQ

  1. How to report a bug ?

    Send us the precise description of the bug via the contact form (along with the following information: browser used, analyzed website, concerned feature). We are very committed to the quality of our tools, we will correct the problem in the shortest time.

  2. How to contact us ?

    Check our Contact page

  3. How to analyze a page before making it visible for visitors and search engines ?

    Just like a search engine, Yakaferci can reach only pages that are available on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are two ways to audit your pages before the putting them online:

    • The first way is to publish your page with a URL that appears NOWHERE visible on your website (no 'a href' tag in any menu and any content of your website).For example You can give this URL to Yakaferci which will analyze the page. Search engines will not be able to access this URL because it is not part of the visible links of your website (or sitemap).
    • The second way, more technical but also safer, consists in publishing your new page in a "secured zone", meaning that a username and password are required to access this area. This secured zone can either be a part of your website (for example, or a complete website that is generally a copy of the actual site. ( This is what we usually call a pre-production environment. Setting up a password depends on your technical environment (for ex. it is a htaccess file if your Web server is Apache). To analyze your page, you can specify the connection credentials to Yakaferci thanks to this standard syntax: (you must replace 'login' and 'password' with the actual information). Search engines can never index this area because they do not have the password.

    Once you are happy with the optimization of your new page, you can publish your website online with its visible links.