Optimizing the internal links for SEO

What is a link ?

A link defines in computer science a hypertext link or a hyperlink which allows two web pages or two websites to connect. Thanks to the links, a simple click is enough to move quickly and automatically within a website or from a website to another.

There are two types of links : internal links and external links.

The internal links

The internal links only belong to your website. There is an internal link between two different pages of the same website: Page A has a link which points to page B of the same website.

Having a clear internal structure of the links belonging to your website will facilitate its navigation and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want your internal links to be SEO optimized, you should develop an internal links strategy (or an internal linking strategy).

On the one hand, internal links allows you to optimize the pagerank of your website pages, thanks to the linking between the high PR pages and the low PR pages. On the other hand, the internal links bring visitors on other webpages, which would have been hardly accessible otherwise.

Internal linking is an important SEO element because it also helps the search engines access all website links faster.

Internal linking strategy for SEO.

Internal links can be set up in many ways. Here are two examples:

  • Automatically create a link whenever a specific word is repeated (For example, on this website the word "Yakaferci" usually points to the home page)
  • Internal links may also take the form of a menu/summary which creates at the end of each article links to articles related to the content viewed.

Internal links can also help you use additional useful keywords for your SEO. To do this, you should simply name the links. You can name the internal links of your website as shown in the example below :

<a href="http://www.yakaferci.com/" title="SEO tools">website optimization </a>

In this code:

  • title="SEO tools" corresponds to the tile of your URL. The title of your URL appears when the mouse hovers over the URL.
  • and the expression « Website optimization » corresponds to the clickable text of your page. So, when a search engine analyzes your website, it will associate the term « SEO tools » with the hyperlink "http://www.yakaferci.com".

This method allows you to use supplementary keywords that could help improve your ranking in the search results (SEO).

External linking

External linking are described in the article on the external links

Internal linking analyzer SEO Tool

Yakaferci provides a tool for validating the quality of your internal links.

Analyze your web pages with our free SEO Page Analyzer:

To start a Yakaferci analysis, simply enter the link to your page in the area above and click the Analyze button. You can then access the different pages of the report, particularly those on internal links.

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