Optimizing the technical performances of a website

Are technical aspects essential for your website?

The technical aspects and the SEO of a website are interrelated. Slow performance, incorrect redirects, broken links, URL grammar not mastered, all of these criteria and others influence how a search engine like Google sees your website and defines its ranking.

That is why Yakaferci analysis both traditional SEO criteria and technical criteria in its audits.

In which order should your read the articles?

Each item can be read individually to learn on a particular topic. However, if you want to have a more comprehensive view on Internet technologies, here is a recommended reading order:

  • What is an URL? Every user uses URLs to surf the internet. But not many know what lies behind this acronym.
  • What is HTML and XHTML? Most Internet users know that the pages they read on the Internet are created in HTML.
  • What is HTTP? What does this acronym displayed at the beginning of most URLs stand for? Knowing the basics of HTTP is essential for deciphering the many mysteries of the web
  • What is a character set and encoding? Are unicode and UTF-8 the same thing? Why are accented characters displayed incorrectly on some sites?

Yakeferci, the free tool that analyses the technical aspects on your website

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