Free SEO tools for website optimizations

A wide variety of free SEO tools are available for Webmasters to help them analyze and optimize their websites. Mastering these tools is essential for the SEO and, generally, for the success of your website.

We offer you a list of these free tools.

Webmaster tool number 1: Yakaferci SEO Page Analyzer

Google's tools have one week point: they are built by Google. These tools are very powerful and useful, but Google only provides the information it really wants to give. For example, it gives little advice or indications on how Webmasters can better optimize their websites for search engines.

Yakaferci provides a unique SEO tool that generates a a complete report (about the technical aspects and the optimization of a website). Since this SEO tool is always evolving, your comments about how to improve it are welcome. Please see the contact page.

To start analyzing your website, please enter the URL of your website below ad click on "Analyze":

Analyze your web pages with our free SEO Page Analyzer:

Webmaster tool number 2 : Google's home page

This is obvious, yet we must mention it: Google's home page is a free tool essential for any webmaster. It is very useful for many reasons:

  • to find keywords that have a great potential for the optimization of your website. To do so, you must use the "auto-complete" function: when you write the first letters of your search term, Google provides a list of suggestions or the most searched expressions. If the Webmaster knows what users are searching for more frequently, he can optimize the website on relevant keywords.
    free tools for webmasters
  • to see the ranking of your pages on the keywords you have chosen. To do this, simply do a search on the keyword and then see on which results page is your website present - if it is present. The first page is, of course, the Holly Graal of SEO, because the majority of users stop there.

It is important to take into account your target language: if your website is only in French, then you should do the test on

Webmaster tool number 3: a good dictionary

This can seem obvious as well, but we have to mention it: pay attention to grammar and spelling. On your website's pages, a text written carelessly will be less well viewed by Google. And keywords will be hard to find.

This is important not only for the SEO. Visitors will also appreciate a well written text and are going to spend more time on that page.

Webmaster tool number 4: Google Search Console

The "Search Console - webmaster tools" of Google is the official site of Google where webmaster can retrieve data about their website and the SEO in real time. To connect to this online tool, you need a Google account. The website is not exhaustive (voluntarily, because Google does not want to give too much information on how their search engine works).

  • this is where you can submit the URL of your sitemap to Google (if you have one)
  • you can get general information about the most recent visit of Google crawler, the crawler of Google (date of last visit, URL errors, words most frequently found ...)
  • a fairly flexible tool that can automatically generate a robots.txt

Webmaster tool number 5: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another official tool of Google. This is a very powerful Web Marketing tool for Webmasters that want to closely monitor how users navigate on their website.

Google Analytics can receive your website's statistics only after the installation on each page of a small Javascript code. This code sends important information about the visitors of your website. To use it, you need a Google account.

It allows you to analyze:

  • visitors statistics (viewed pages, unique visitors, used browsers, screen size...)
  • traffic sources segmented on website, country, keywords, (organic traffic, payed traffic, referrers...)
  • the most visited pages

This article does not aim to present all the possibilities offered by Google Analytics. In order to know more, you have to spend a large amount of time experimenting with it.

Other free Webmaster tools

There are other practical SEO tools:

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